Marilyn Friesen

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Saw the Pain in Her Eyes

It was just another trip to the Big City, but it turned out to be an unforgetable one. We were going to look up some relatives who lived in one of those High Risers. I heard a kitten mew and went out on to the balcony to see if I could find it. Was it being taken care of? While the last farewells were being said, I wandered down to the street with the intention of going to the car. Then I saw her. She was just a little girl, maybe eight years old, but she had Too Much Pain in her eyes. What can I do for her?Help Me Lord. Help me to throw her a life bouy of hope. There is so little I can do and I'll probably never see her again. My gut instinct had kicked in. This child has been abused. I gave her a warm, loving smile which, of course, she didn't return but just stared at me with round, troubled eyes, but i can't forget her. I have never forgotten her. Just a small, thin girl with a sad face; one of millions who has known too much pain. Oh, Lord, I want so much too see her in Heaven someday, sitting on your knee while you heal her torn heart.
   Say a prayer for her, will ya?