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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Look Out Mary!

www.marilynshistoricalnovels.comLook out May'am!
 What we know, but our innocent, young friend doesn't, is that she is about to plunge into a series of events that will drastically alter her future, and create waves of change throughout the centuries even to this day.
   Okay, I will duck out of the way, and let you observe for yourself how it is affecting her.

11 Nissan April 3rd

Dear Diary;
 My thoughts have been soaring heavenward with a yearning to be one with HaShem especially today because the sky shone like shining molten gold. The whole atmosphere seemed to be hushed as if it is standing on tiptoe in the Shekinah of Adonai, the glorious presence of the Lord of Lords. Many furlongs away the Sea of Galilee is rippling under this same glorious sunset. If it reminds me so much of Paradise here, what must it look like over the waves? I was lingering near our almond tree, which is shrouded with a thousand pink flowers, merged with white flowers. Over my arm hung a basket filled with eggs, since I had just finished collecting them from our sprightly laying hens. Then a dazzling dove swept by. It caught my attention. She was such a bright contrast to the beautiful horizon. As I gazed upon her, I wondered if perchance this would be the time I would see where her little fledglings were hidden. I have been intently watching her for some time now. I was also enjoying the fresh, invigorating breeze against my cheeks. It was sweetly scented with the fragrance of a million early flowers. Then a Voice seemed to float towards me. I don’t know how else to describe it. I looked around but saw no one. There was such a quietness, and calmness in the twilight stillness that I was not afraid; just mildly curious. While my eyes swept the glowing sky and dewy green landscape a marvelous Being appeared. He seemed to materialize out of thin air, but for some reason,
I was pleasantly intrigued rather than terrified. Then in angelic tones, this glorious creature, who was arrayed in raiment that dazzled like snow, spoke to me. “Hail, you are highly favored, the Lord is with you: you are blessed among woman.”

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Running Out of Oil

The Ten Virgins
Maidens so sweet with your lamps all bright
Lighting the way through the starry night
Waiting with music and lilting voice
Arrayed in garments of finest choice.

Sundown has darkened the village streets
Ten drowsy maidens are fighting sleep
While cheery lanterns are growing dim
Will they expire ‘ere the groom comes again?

There’s a delay and the girls slump down
All fast asleep in their bridal gowns
Glad shouts are ringing down the lane
The bridegroom comes make your lanterns shine.

The girls rouse quickly their lamps to trim
But some will lament that their oil is gone.
Oh virgins listen that have to share
You won’t run out for the Lord put it there.

The widow's vessels all had enough
Of oil from God when she but asked
And you will to for your sister’s need
It is blessed by God, so please give heed.

Marilyn Friesen


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Ancient Manuscript?

You probably thought this would be just another blog post about present-day happenings, but we are going to 'step back in time' and read excerpts from Mary's Diary; the life of Jesus through his mother's eyes. First, we will find out what a local townsman, the baker thought about her.

Mary was just one of the carefree young girls who went to the well at dawn to get water. I enjoyed watching her because she seemed unusually sweet and innocent—and sincere. No one knew what to think when she fled so suddenly to Elizabeth’s place in Ain Karim. Rumour
r had it that she had seen an angel, but I didn’t put too much stock in that. After all, she was young and impressionable. But when she came back, obviously pregnant, how the tongues did wag!

I watched her from a distance all through the years. I heard about the remarkable flight to Egypt with her husband, Joseph, and was glad they chose to return to Nazareth when all was said and done.
They had a sweet boy; they named Him Jesus. A person couldn’t help loving Him. I could tell she was really wrapped up in her children, especially that boy. I had to scratch my head a few times, though when he started doing miracles—pretty uncanny, that.
But His preaching, well, that sure had a way of touching the heart. That same heart nearly broke when I saw her grief when her boy was crucified…

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

TwinS Re United!

NEWSFLASHwww.marilynshistoricalnovels.com: The website is updated!
A fascination with identical twins has been the story of my life. Don’t ask me why because I couldn’t tell you. Even though I had more than a half-dozen babies of my own, almost every single time I was hoping, even praying that I would be carrying twins. No luck. When I read about the remarkable, yea, even amazing traits and experiences separated twins share a spark kindled and I was on my way to exploring an area of pathos, heartache, joy and intrigue when a teenage mother has to give up her babies, or at least thinks she must relinquish one of them during the time a war is going on and her husband, who she hadn’t known very well has questionable ethics.
                Throw in the fact that she has to leave to a foreign country without her parents'

support and approval and has no idea why her soldier-husband isn’t getting in contact with her. Although she allows her best friend to care for one of the babies until “it’s safe to have them together again,” it is an agonizing decision.

    Here's my bio: ­čś╝ How do you get a shy, dreamy-eyed girl's gift for writing to burst into flames? Just ask my sixth-grade teacher. She told me I had a 'flare for writing' and after that, there was no stopping me. To say I enjoy writing would be the understatement of the year. I get lost in it. Once while in my teens I was so involved in the book I was working on that the characters became more real than the people around me who seemed like cardboard creations. No, I haven't changed much.
    But I do have other loves including my precious husband of forty-plus years, our ten grandchildren, their parents, the dogs, especially Cuddles, and I thrive on gardening as well as running our bed and breakfast.  Having guests over and sharing food and conversation is the spice of life. But get me back to writing as soon as possible. 
    Oh, in case you haven't noticed: I love life!

Marilyn Friesen

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Do You Have Plenty of Time?

TOO Late

It is too easy to drift through life assuming nothing is wrong, but are we sure? There may be some hidden insidious disease lurking in our bodies that could cause us to collapse suddenly. I read of a girl who thought she had plenty of time to enjoy life but died suddenly. Just a little while before, God had called her most earnestly and she knew it. She recognized His tender pleading voice and even talked to her parents above giving her heart to God but they convinced her that she was too young to worry about that sort of stuff. “Have fun while you can”, they told her. Not long after she took sick and now they wanted her to get right with God. She was in despair. “My heart is as hard as stone! The Holy Spirit isn’t talking to me anymore! In spite of her anguish and concern, she was unable to prepare to meet God and was lost. info@gospeltract.ca

Friday, September 21, 2018

Desperate Straits

No one could tell by the tilt of  Aliyah's shoulders or her walk as she sashayed gracefully down the deserted main street that she was in despair.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dangerous Decisions

In this true story based on a happening in 1549, yes you read that right, Heidi is left to fend for herself when her husband flees the city. In a rash moment, he had spoken against the political and religious leaders of the day and that was not smart. Although she finds comfort with the people of God, it is very dangerous to be seen with them.

               Heidi went over to the one small window in the hut and peered out. It was dark, very dark out tonight. She opened the door softly and glanced back. Neither child stirred.
               Every step of the way Heidi was sure that someone was following her.