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Friday, March 22, 2013

Wish It Wasn't True

If I wrote a book with a plot like this, you'd kind of half chuckle and put it aside. I can just hear the gears grinding in your brain. She's really gullible if she believes anyone is going to fall for such a far fetched plot. Unfortunately it's true, uncomfortably true. Way back when; you who know the story will know when. She got married. O.K. Lots of girls probably dream of a Cinderella marriage, and why wouldn't she also?
Well, it didn't turn out that way. Not by a long shot. The smoke signals were a-blowing even before the vows were said but who was looking for warnings at such a happy time? Of course not!

Now we would like to pretend that they got off on a happy footing, with only a few icy spots to tread carefully across, just like the rest of us, but nope, it wasn't that easy. It wasn't long before she found out she was treading across thin ice, and it was getting thinner and thinner. Frighteningly, so. Not by her own choice, but at the council of respected advisers it was recommended that she separate herself from the situation by moving to a safe place. (Do you have any inkling what I am saying between the lines?)

Well, picking up and starting over isn't all that easy for any of us, is it? There are lots of adjustments, even without the wounds she was suffering with. Did I mention the miscarriages, also? Little babies with names. You know what that means. They already were growing in her heart.

Well, the move was made, and sometimes we didn't see deeper than the delightful dimple and sparkling eyes, to the deeper pain. Trying to be "Mommy" to two little people that were also suffering terribly while holding down a full time job, sure wasn't easy, so it seems like a vacation was in order. How about some time in the sun; a relaxing tour to some far distant place with a relative who she can love and trust? Sounds good, right?

Well...She's not gone yet, and the doctor is concerned about some potentially serious health issues. He wants her to have an ultrasound ASAP. But this trip is just around the corner, everything is in place. Well, almost!

Almost, almost, but another mishap happens. The little guy is having lots of fun skiing with his buddies when there's an accident! Oh dear, his leg is broken. No chance of swimming with the dolphins, poor boy, and so many had contributed to help make that possible.

Please, God, they were planning to leave today. Don't let anything else go wrong. Please, may they have a delightful trip. May they come back happy and relaxed with a trunk full of warm memories.

High five, girl!

(Now don't you wish this was a pretend story?)