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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Which is Easier, Our Time Or Theirs?

Here's an email I received. I really enjoyed it. Thanks, Brenda.

We attended an 'Anabaptist' meeting the other evening! Believers met at Dalen's, arriving with car lights shut off, quietly getting out and heading in small groups down the road... down hill and around the bend 1/4- 1/2 mile to the round top. At one point, someone stopped and
 asked us if we knew each other  and asked what the password was, and directed us the rest of the way, telling us to give three knocks on the door of the shed. Arriving there, we were met with another believer who asked the password, and showed us into the dark interior, and told us we could sit on the hay bales. Sitting in the dimly lit room, we could barely make out others dressed warmly with scarves, or long socks, and  the men with their warm apparel. A little lantern was glowing nearby, so I could make out a few of the faces. But those sitting behind me, were "unknown."  After waiting about 30 minutes for all to arrive, our meeting begin. We were informed that this meeting was in hopes of showing us how Christians in other parts of the world today and in times past are/were persecuted for their faith, and how very privileged we are today to be able to worship in freedom. There was some history of the Anabaptist's  and an account of the North Korean Christian church today, several songs, couple conversion experiences. It was inspiring!!!!! It was cold and slightly uncomfortable...a cat was mewing and walking around....the leader by the door said "someone is walking by, it might be the police..." then later "it wasn't".(sigh of relief)...some of us thought maybe that would be part of the plot, but the men in charge said later they didn't want to do anything that would distract us from the real purpose of doing a meeting like this.
 It does make one ponder what all the Christians in past ages had to endure, how they were able to stand up under pressure and were determined to stand true. It makes me want to be more faithful...then we get on to the daily grind of life as we know it, we can't help it that we live in this day and age. We can't help  it that we have freedom. How do we apply more thankfulness to our daily living? 

About a week prior to this meeting, we got a invitation in the mail. It stated that we should imagine that it's the year 1549...don't talk about it, it's secret, arrive as quietly as possible...might be a traitor in the midst, so be careful in greeting the person beside you..bring the Christian Hymnal and a candle or small light...sit closely so you can hear...use your imagination and dress as you picture Anabaptist believers of that era..password: peace

In attendance were the youth and their parents, youth leaders,  a deacon couple,  Roland's,  and Dalen's .

Have any of you done something like this? If not, I would suggest that you try it!! I think someone in Kentucky has and that's probably where the idea came from around here..Roland's Jodi is from there...