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Friday, April 19, 2013

Billy Hogg is Grumpy

   Billy tossed and he turned, tossed and he turned all night long. What wouldn’t I give for that nice, fluffy bed of straw I had in my former house? This one of boards just doesn’t do the trick. He was unmindful of the fact that too often it had been rustling with more than just busy insects scurrying around.
          “Old Man North Wind is my sworn enemy,” he squealed plaintively. Conscience, (Connie) the cat, opened one sleepy eye, yawned indifferently, and went back to sleep again.

         Mr. Wind visited every crack he could find in that wooden shanty and scared the living’ daylights outta Billy with his mournful cries. Doubts and Fears and other members of the Tribulation family screamed through the cracks from dusk til dawn not once, but at every opportunity they could find. Billy wished he could run home to Mama, but knew that wasn’t the solution. She would just shoo him out, anyways.
          But as he lay awake, a plan started to form in his mind, and the more he thought on it, the more he was sure it was a good one; a really, really good one.
          “This house o’ logs ain’t the answer any more than the one of straw. What I’m gonna have to do is visit Ole Farmer Brown and get him to help me build a good sturdy one with bricks. Yessir if I have one built o’ bricks Ole Man North Wind sure can’t give me so much trouble.
          Having’ made that decision, Billy crammed the pillow over his head, pulled the crazy quilt up to his chin and was soon sound asleep.
Too be continued.

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