Marilyn Friesen

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Venturing Across the Water (part Three)

Yvelisse screamed as she was thrown into the water, and panicked when it covered her. She struggled mightily to come to the surface, and finally was able to break through but it was dark; totally dark! Have I been blinded by hitting my skull against something? She groped frantically with her hands then her head struck something hard. The boat. She swallowed despair. She was trapped beneath the curve of the overturned vessel. She tried to feel her way to the rim then sensed she was in worse trouble. That wasn't the water or even seaweed slapping against her leg it was something else…it was fishing net. She was caught! She was really trapped!
Meanwhile five or six youthful figures were bouncing up like corks in a semi-circle around the overturned boat then knifing through the water like fish as they swam back to the boat.
“That was quite the experience!” Dalisay exclaimed. “I hope someone comes and rescues us soon.”
“Wait!” Amor commanded. “Let’s have a head count. One-two-three-four- Someone’s missing! It’s Yvelisse!”
“And she’s the only one among us that can’t swim!”
     Before the gasps had even died away, Amor had lowered himself into the water. He instinctively knew she must have been caught beneath the boat. He took a deep breath and held it before groping around in the murky darkness. Yes, she was there. He tried to guide her out.
“My foot is caught on something.”
A fishnet. It took several frantic moments to untangle her.
Several hands reached out to help pull her unto the slippery bulk of the boat. Amor followed, but he knew the danger was not over. Yvelisse seemed to be weak from shock; hopefully not from a head concussion also. As they bounced precariously over the heavy sea Amor protected Yvelisse from slipping and prayed that they would soon be rescued.
Finally they were, and the weary, nervous group was glad when they pulled up to the dock and could embark. Amor carefully escorted Yvelisse back to the church where parents already were waiting with warm blankets and dry clothing.
Yvelisse looked deeply into Amor’s eyes. Thank you, they said.
She watched as he sauntered over to a group of boys, coffee cup in hand.
He is definitely the one I want to marry. Prestige and wealth are nothing compared to such love and devotion.
Jesus also has rescued us. He acknowledges that the world seems to have much to offer, although not all that glitters is gold. Following Him would mean a life of humility and self-denial. But it is worth it. Do you think so, too?

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