Marilyn Friesen

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Can You Believe This?

(Not exactly as illustrated)
Oh well, don’t feel bad. I wouldn't have believed it either if it hadn't happened to me.
“Has anyone seen my container of embroidery cotton?” I could feel my stress level soaring as I searched frantically for all those lovely strands of colour and the box they were stored in. In my mind I was measuring the amount of days until the guest room would be needed with how much work still to be done on the Flower Basket Quilt I was embroidering for the bed.
No one knew, and more frustrating yet, no one seemed to care …at that point. After searching every plausible and many not so plausible places for the not so tiny missing item I sank into the recliner and allowed the cat to crawl into my lap. He is jokingly called Dr. Jones for a reason. He seems to know when I am not feeling well. I tried to pray and calm my nerves…
My eyes grew wide then wider
. An egg customer was at the door! With a bouquet of flowers! For me! And what was that they were being carried in? I couldn’t believe my eyes! My Mother’s antique vase which must be at least 80 years old by now!
“How are you?” She asked. Typical question; should I give a typical answer? Nope, not today.
“Do you really want to know?” I asked.
Her eyes twinkled interestedly at me, and I suppose she nodded because I plunged right along.
“You caught me at a very stressed moment,” and I proceeded to tell her about the missing embroidery cotton and how I had just stocked up on some very necessary colors, etc. etc.
“Oh, I have lots of embroidery cotton, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be using them!”
We marvelled at the amazingly appropriate timing. Who could have planned to bring me a flower bouquet when my stress level was sky rocketing? Who prompted her to return a precious item of my deceased mother’s she had borrowed so long ago I had forgotten she had it? And how did she ‘happen’ to be the one with a large variety of embroidery cotton to lend me just when I needed it?
But as we continued talking I soon realized God wasn’t done springing surprises on me. They had been in town and searching all over for those charcoal filters for counter top composter containers, then quite unexpectedly, when they weren't looking any more, her husband spots them! The fact that she told me that solved another little problem for me. I needed one to, and you and I know how expensive catalogue items end up being.
Do you wonder why I am still smiling?