Marilyn Friesen

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Veronica Partridge Exposed

 I don’t know so terribly much about partridges but suspect they have a lot in common with chickens. Anyone who knows me well knows how fond I am of raising free range hens and selling the eggs. But there is something even more enjoyable than that. It is watching Mama Bird possessively brood over a nest of eggs and patiently wait, with barely any food or water, for those little guys to be mature enough to peck their way out of the shells. Her nurturing instinct doesn’t end there, however, and I love to see how she calls her little brood over to share some food she has discovered. I love even more how they nestle under her wings yet peek out, out of curiosity at the friendly world around them. I have an amusing memory of one ‘teenage’ chick
 racing off confident that he could handle anything the world had to offer. Where was Mama? Scurrying along behind, knowing it wasn’t quite so safe out there as he may of thought, and she wanted to be there for him, if he needed her. But that’s about where the similitude ends. I’m sure partridges also have a strong instinct to care for their young. They also don’t soar to heights unknown or make their nests in lofty trees. They sound pretty much like home loving hearts, right? There was a sweet young, human mother, whose last name happened to be Partridge, but I suspect these quiet, nurturing traits could have described her also. She was a blogger just like I, so we had something in common, but more than that she was a Christian, so we belong to the same family. One day Mrs. Partridge was exposed to the limelight. In the natural world, so I understand, when a member of the Pheasant family senses danger is near, they freeze. It takes a very discerning eye to differentiate between the foliage and feathers. Mrs. Partridge was caught in the limelight, but she was brave. I admire her for that. She didn’t back down, nor did she get defensive and hurl accusatory remarks. Because of her courage thousands of other ‘birds of a feather’ took enough of a stand to say that they agreed with her. Sure there may have been a few hawks among them, but what of it? The community of true Christians seems to strong and thriving. Thank you, Veronica, and I hope you don’t mind being compared to a bird. >www.heavenlyechoes.today