Marilyn Friesen

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

AM I Still in One Piece?

Who knows, I haven’t had time to check. The children arrived like a flood of enthusiasm and mischief, and no, I can’t keep track of all they got into, but soon my head was whirling. They are good kids, don’t get me wrong; among the sweetest on the planet, but oh my, what a lot of inquisitiveness. It didn’t help of course that we hadn’t seen each other for a while.
Now, what did all happen? Besides jumping on the bed and trail mix scattered on the floor, and clods of dirt being playfully thrown in my direction while I was working in the garden?  Oh, yes, there was also a one-man army with a water gun spraying his defenseless sisters … 
What was it that made this day so memorable?
Oh, I know: when the six-year-old gets off the bus and flies across the yard, arms opened wide for a Gramma sized hug. When three little children all want to crowd on my lap at once: that’s what I remember the most.

Oh, yes, I am  in one piece and the smile still lingers…