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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mary's View of the First Christmas

20th Chisleu
December 16th

20th Chisleu
December 16th
Traveling has not been so bad after all. I didn’t realize

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More of the pre-Christmas Story. From MARY'S Viewpoint!

Today was cloudy and dark; a gloomy sort of day. Not even my
companions whom I regularly meet at the well were not in the mood
to linger and chat for long. I guess it is because there is a chill in the air.
The clouds are dark, and lowering. Quite likely by nightfall the early rains will have begun in earnest. It sure feels like a day for huddling in our mud brick homes as close as possible to the little fire in the brazier!

I wonder how my long-time friends will treat me once they can tell
that I am carrying a tinokilittle child. Will they give me the look that
so many reserve for aant’atwomen, of ill repute? I shiver to think of it!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mary's Memories of the First Christmas

29 Nissan
April 21

Dear Diary;
With tears in my eyes I must admit this has been a low time for me.
My feeling of dwelling in heavenly places has faded to a rather forlorn
memory, and I am not well! After scattering a few kernels of corn to
our flock of chickens, I crept behind the goat-shed to be sick. It didn't relieve the queasiness much.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mary's View of Christmas

My thoughts have been soaring heavenward with a yearning to be
one with HaShem especially today because the sky shone like shining
molten gold. The whole atmosphere seemed to be hushed as if it is
standing on tiptoe in the Shekinah of Adonai, (the glorious presence of
the Lord of Lords.) Many furlongs away the Sea of Galilee is rippling under this same
glorious sunset. If it reminds me so much of Paradise here, what must
it look like over the waves?

I was lingering near our almond tree, which is shrouded with a
thousand pink and white flowers. Over my arm hung a basket filled with herbs since I had just finished gathering them from our dew-scented garden when a dazzling dove
swept by catching my attention. She was such a bright contrast to the beautiful horizon. As I gazed upon her, I wondered if perchance this would be the time I would see where her little fledglings were hidden. I have been intently watching her for some time now.

I was also enjoying the fresh, invigorating breeze against my cheeks. It was sweetly scented with the fragrance of a million early flowers.

Then a Voice seemed to float towards me.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Feeding the Little Folk

Listen, I won't even pretend to have a corner on the history of Jesus as a child. This is pure imagination.

The life of Jesus through His Mother's eyes,

Dear Diary,
  H'm. It's pretty quiet around here. I wonder what the boys are up to. I finished making the soup for dinner, checked to see if baby Lydia was still asleep then wandered outdoors. James was close by. He called to me and I duly admired what he was building in the sand pile with scraps of lumber from the carpenter's shop.
"Where's Yeshua, (Jesus), "I soon asked.
"He went to yonder woods to feed the little folk, " James solemnly replied as he stuck a row of sticks in the ground.What a perfect day to be out of doors. I walked eagerly down the path to 'yonder' woods. Since no one was around I