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Friday, April 18, 2014

He Was A Man

At this solemn time when we are gently reminded once against of what the Saviour did for us, I would like to share a poem to observe the season.


He was a Man

Youthful, loving, strong.

He did not seek the pain,

The crush of thorns

On His noble, godly brow.

He was a Man

With mangled, whip-lashed back

The one whose soul is pure

Endured our lack:

Our burdens, shame and guilt.

He was a Man

Whose bloodied, nail-ripped hands

Had healed, guided, taught,

And loved each one

Though wretched, heartsick, lost.

He was a Man

The cup He did not spurn,

Though mocked by maddened crowds

Broken, bleeding torn

Hung on a cursed cross.

He is our God

Weighed down by all our sins

He carried so much blame

To set us free

Forgiving through it all.

Oh Victory!

From a splendid throne he rules

With power to set men free

From Satan's bonds so cruel

The Resurrected King!

Marilyn Friesen

Friday, February 14, 2014

Afraid in the Catacombs

Time for another quick peek into my upcoming novel. Around Smoldering Coals.  Two children and their mother are trying to find their way back to their home in the catacombs. This is part of what I added today, so I haven't had the time to do a whole lot of editing on it.

Tayletha took two, then three candles from a stash near the door. After such a harrowing experience she wanted the comfort of light surrounding her. The fosser saw them studying the map Cedric had made for them and looked over their shoulder.
“I can draw you a quicker route,” 
Lydda and Tayletha looked at each other. Then Lydda saw the exhaustion in her son's eyes.
“Where is it?”
He took the wax tablet and started to erase it. Tayletha snatched it back. “We don't know you! Our pateras made this map and it's good enough for us.”