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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Easy As Taking Candy From a Baby

I have negative feelings about this picture. Who would want to be so selfish as to steal candy from a baby? Of course, it's easy to do unless your heart is cold. You just overpower them, but surely their distress would melt most hardened hearts.

 Don't turn away, now, just because you thought this would be an amusing post.  I have an intriguing point to ponder. If the child is young, and if we are gentle it is possible to get them to let go. Sometimes they do or have something that is downright dangerous for them. Violence, like as in force, and loud words makes the situation worse. So what do we do? Get down to their level, lower your voice and be patient. Okay, okay stop protesting that the situation calls for immediate action. Are you sure?                                                               
Because we as adults are so prone to rush about we may jump to that conclusion more often than we ought. 
Guideline number one is to build their trust. A child is more likely to give you something if you are calm and slow moving. This applies to much more than just taking away that round hard candy they could choke on. Let them have a taste but kindly say that it isn't safe for them and offer something better. They sense if we are concerned, and their reaction will match ours. 
I'm just going to throw in one more guideline before you rush about your busy day. Take the time to explain in simple, childlike terms as often as possible. It shows that you respect their feelings and helps them to learn. If they don't accept your answer try to be matter-of-fact about it and avoid arguing.
This applies all through their growing up but especially in the tender toddler years. Children are so impressionable and they will match our responses. 
Too hard? Jesus is our best Comforter and Guide.