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Monday, September 22, 2014

"Frozen" to Death

There are many tragic ways of dying, but this must be one of the most unfortunate of them all. Somehow a man got locked into a refrigerated boxcar. It had to have been a terrifying experience to be trapped in a place like that with no means of escape. This poor, chilled gentleman had little enough to occupy his time so he took out a notebook and started to write down his changing symptoms as he slowly froze to death.

I’ve been like that just lately. I’ve heard these stories about persecution all over the world and how it has even reached our local public school, and panic set in. Someone else I know feels symptoms in his body and mournfully sees signs of old age or maybe even death creeping on.

After a few hours of anxiety, I knew that worrying about an unknown future had to stop so before going to sleep the other night I prayed that God would take it away. And do you know what, it vanished! This man who was having a rather dim outlook on aging was told that maybe he was ‘meant’ to live into his nineties and his attitude would lessen the possibility, and he liked that outlook!

Just one more thing; THAT BOXCAR WAS NOT REFRIGERATED! That man was a sad victim of his thoughts.

Monday, June 9, 2014

A Peek into my Private Diary


Today I am going to let you have a peek into my own private journal. The thing is, something so special, so thrilling, happened that I want to share it with the world.

Maybe you have heard by now that we are planning on taking a big trip. BIG: as in a trip of a lifetime for poor folks like us.

Okay; blessing number one: someone offered to pay for half of the trip. Can you imagine that?! We are traveling clear to the other side of the globe to see our son who is doing volinteer work in Mozambique, and these folks really wanted to go, themselves, but they thought we should go rather!!
That decision happened a long time ago, but since then, something else incredible, or at least very special, happened.

Our son had informed us that, sure, the workers would do our laundry, but we should bring four or five extra sets along, anyway. Well, this ole Canadian girl doesn't have a closetful of lightweight cotton dresses for galavating across the world. I had purchased some material earlier to sew up, but had decided to wander into Value Village, a good second hand store, to see if I could find some suitable dresses. Generally it is highly unlikely that I would find something that is modest and becoming according to our conservative Mennonite standards, so I rarely even look.

This is significant enough to consider as a new paragraph. I started browsing, just casually browsing, and lo and behold I found a very cheerful garment that would match my complexion and aurburn hair just perfectly. (Oh, yes, and it was a great fit.) I continued searching and another home-sewn Mennonite style dress showed up, and then another! (All in my colors and size!) I took them all because they were all so lovely and looked like new, but quit looking. If there were any more, let someone else have the joy of finding them.

I was so overwhelmed and thankful, and could hardly get over it! Boy, does God ever like to spring neat surprises on his children!

P.S. I also found a nice pair of walking shoes as an economical price.
P.P.S. I'm almost reluctant to add this because you'll think it's too good to be true. This all happened on Tuesday which is 30% off day for Seniours. (No, I could hardly believe it, either!)