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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Twins Are Still Separated

Two Mothers, Twin Daughters

Chapter Nineteen

Some folks seem to enjoy reading excerpts from the book I am writing, so I’ll update you once again.
T hree years went by, and the twins were still separated.

Margaret listened; for once the children were quiet. It seemed they had settled down nicely for their naps, the two younger ones, that is, and Davey Juniour wouldn’t be released from school for another hour or so.  She reached for her Bible on the nearby nightstand and took the latest letter from Marita out from just inside the back cover and clutched it in her hands while bowing her head in prayer.  The much read letter was already a year old so Margaret carefully unfolded the sharp creases to read it once more.

“Dear Margaret,
I can’t bear to tell my dear mother-in-law what we are going through so hope you can take it since I feel I would crack up if I couldn’t share with someone!

Randall’s out of work—again, has been for three months this time. In a way I am not sorry he lost this job but we are in desperate straits. He had had an epileptic fit while on scaffolding and fell. The job wasn’t waiting for him when his leg finally mended.  

Sometimes I am at my wits end to know how to respond to him.  We are hungry nearly all the time but I know he finds enough money to spend on beer. How long must I excuse his behavior on the war? Does David sometimes seem to be unreasonable---still?

Oh, Margaret, what can I ever do? I would offer to take in babysitting but our one room suite and half bath are far too crowded to entertain extra children. 

Thank you so much for the gift of money you slipped in your last letter.  Oh, Margaret, it’s a good thing Randall wasn’t home when the mailman arrived with the cash. I bawled buckets and Emily was all over me trying to comfort me so I tried to tell her they were happy tears.

I  hope I can someday repay you.  I have to dole it out slowly so he won’t get suspicious and wonder where it came from. As it is I have to hide it because he rifles through my purse in the vain hope I’d have some money stashed away.

So far I have only bought a small bag of oatmeal and some powdered milk with the money, and oh yes, a bag of carrots because they keep for a long time in the icebox,  we won’t go hungry for a while.

Emily is healthy, for which I thank the Lord. Her sweetness and innocence helps me to trust our Heavenly Father more. I have much time on my hands so often turn to Mum-in-law’s Bible in time of need. I still worry a lot and get sharp with Randall way too often, but I’m glad I have Emily and I’m glad I have God.

Lots of love, |

P.S. Sorry for being so full of myself: I really do want a long, fully detailed letter about everything that’s going on in your life and especially about Alice.  (Sorry if I sound selfish.)

P.S. 2. We are in Vancouver now, but I’m sure we will be moving soon.

Margaret refolded the letter then gently placed it back between the worn covers of the Bible.  She sat lost in thought until her burdened heart caused her to slip to her knees in prayer. She laid her head on her arm.

“It’s been so long, Lord. Marita is almost dearer to me that a flesh and blood sister might be. Please be with her. Keep her, comfort her, and help Randall to overcome his drinking habit. Thou knowest what awful memories are still gripping him, and we don’t.  Thou knowest the anxiety Marita faces: please help him to find a good job, and keep it. May Marita continue to call upon you when the floods threaten to overwhelm her—“

“Mommy, Alice spilled the milk on the floor!”

It was obvious that Sally would have gotten the milk out of the refrigerator because Emily was too young to handle the door.  Alice was on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor with a tea towel.

“Let’s not use a tea towel to clean the floor next time, okay, Sweetie. Sally, you fetch a rag from the rag bag.”

“But she spilled it!”

“Just do as I tell you.”

 "Alice, wait for Mommy to pour your milk for you okay”— she almost called her ‘Sweetie’ again but then remembered it was too easy to favor the daughter of her troubled friend over the other two.

Margaret was thoughtful, prayerful, as she tended to her motherly duties . They walked to the corner to meet Davey and he prattled joyfully about his day at school, she served the children cookies and milk but hardly heard them.

David came home two hours later and once again Margaret was so thankful that the man she married had a steady job as a mechanic. There were still far too many veterans drifting aimlessly through life, addicted to the bottle, and not coping well with their violent past. David seemed to be so steady in comparison. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

AMBER ALERT: Baby Snatched!

This is based on a very recent happening in our local city.

Melissa glanced into the back seat of the pickup. Good, Addison has fallen asleep. She had had a rough night, well they both had actually, and she sure didn't begrudge her daughter a little shut eye even though she would probably wake up at least briefly once they got home. Just one more stop and then I'll be able to make a quit, late lunch before putting her down for a proper nap.
Melissa automatically reached for the key after easing to a stop at her friends place. No, it's too cold to shut off the vehicle even for a second. I'll just pick up that tupperware container I left then be back in two shakes of a lambs tail.
Melissa leaped out of the light brown pick up and hurried to the door. Something made her stop and turn around. It was the sound of a motor. A familiar motor! The motor of their own Dodge truck. What! What? Someone had leaped into their pickup and was driving off with it!
Melissa started shrieking and screaming and soon several neighbours were flocking to their doors.
“My baby! Someone stole my baby!”
In spite of Melissa's near hysteria her friends understood her dire predicament and were soon rushing to their own vehicles. Everyone threw caution to the winds as they raced to catch up with the illusive vehicle. It was out of sight! Which way did it turn?
“My baby! Where oh where is my baby,” Melissa wailed.
Everyone heard her, but no one responded. It was urgent that Addison be returned to her loving mother's care.
“She'll be so frightened!” Melissa moaned.
Someone slammed on their brakes in front of the police station and made a report. Soon the news was being broadcasted all over the community, the province, maybe even the whole country. Even text messages were being flashed from phone to phone. Look out for a pale brown pickup and the license number was given. Everybody was looking, everyone was concerned. A baby! A seven month old baby separated from her mother? How terrible! It brought out the best in people.
Three long hours passed. It probably felt like weeks to the distressed young mother. All her friends were doing all they could, and she had No Idea how many strangers were also on the lookout.
“She's found! The baby is found!” How quickly the news spread in this age of rapid communication. She had been left on someone's' doorstep. Hopefully still in her carseat and well bundled up and thankfully someone had been at home.
The criminals had been found and the baby is safe in her mother's arms. So ends the story. But no! That is not the ending! Can't you see the parallel?Far too many babes in Christ are also snatched away by the Evil One. Can't we see the danger they are in? Can't we see how lonely and frightened they also may be? Can we at least try to care for them at least as much as sweet little Addison was cared about? Sound the alarm! Another of God's children has been stolen! Don't go to sleep without uttering a heartfelt prayer for at least one of them, and do what you can to bring them back to safety.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Afraid in the Catacombs

Time for another quick peek into my upcoming novel. Around Smoldering Coals.  Two children and their mother are trying to find their way back to their home in the catacombs. This is part of what I added today, so I haven't had the time to do a whole lot of editing on it.

Tayletha took two, then three candles from a stash near the door. After such a harrowing experience she wanted the comfort of light surrounding her. The fosser saw them studying the map Cedric had made for them and looked over their shoulder.
“I can draw you a quicker route,” 
Lydda and Tayletha looked at each other. Then Lydda saw the exhaustion in her son's eyes.
“Where is it?”
He took the wax tablet and started to erase it. Tayletha snatched it back. “We don't know you! Our pateras made this map and it's good enough for us.”