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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Fears

2016 Fears
Are you sitting all alone in a cold dark room, figuratively at least, and dreading the coming year? What do you fear the most? Is it the Isis, coming nearer and nearer? Maybe they have already invaded your town and you wonder how long it will be until you are singled out. That’s a fear that could surely grip one’s heart and make them tremble.  
Or maybe your worries are in in a different line. Maybe you are wondering when will you or your spouse find work. It has been so many months now. How long will you be able to put bread on the table, pay the bills, keep up with the rent? Will you end up on the street?
Maybe there is discord in the home, or drinking, or violence. Maybe you feel like you are to blame and you feel so guilty, but don’t know how to stop. Will the coming year be any better?
Maybe a loved one died. Maybe tragically, maybe through natural causes, maybe it was suicide. To say the future looks bleak without them just doesn’t cut it. It looks awful, just plain awful.
And now it’s 2016 or soon will be, and it feels like the weight of the world is crushing you down.

You feel like those soldiers long ago who were heading home to Italy but there were mountains to cross on foot, and the blizzard surrounded them. The climb seemed endless and was getting continually harder as they struggled through the cold, deepening snow.
What happened then? Many of those mighty warriors were growing faint of heart so what did Hannibal do? He found a good look out point and rallied them all together with shouts of encouragement.
The message was simple, brief…and wonderful. Over these steeps lay Italy, their sunny homeland where loved ones were waiting for them. His words gave them the stamina to continue, but do your know what? Our Captain, the Captain of the Lord’s Army offers even more.
He says that after these struggles and trials our Heavenly Home is waiting us. That is glorious, without a doubt, but sometimes the storms of life make it hard to set our hopes on something so distant so He does one better that that ancient general so long ago.
Listen now, this is important. If you are fainting beneath your heavy load of --life, call out to Him. Keep calling and He will carry you. I promise. Maybe you won’t feel any different immediately, but I promise you if you keep trusting Him He will comfort you. How do I know? Because He’s helped me.
Even tonight.

I’ll remember you in my prayers.

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Mother's Sacrifice

Now where did I see that story? It was so beautiful, so touching…so full of mother love that I absolutely wanted to share it with you.

 We are happy to realise that most mothers would be willing to give their all for their children, but fortunately most of us aren't asked to make such great sacrifices.

But one mother was. She rose instantly to the occasion. Now this is where the details become a little blurry in my mind but not enough to make an impact on the story!

They had gone camping, out in the mountains. They had stopped along some little used road to look around at the breathtaking view below and around them. The children soon jumped back into the suburban. The vehicle started rolling. Downwards! The mother saw what was happening! But what could she do? What?! She ran! She threw herself down in front of that heavy van. She felt the impact, but it slowed, it slowed the momentum and it didn't go hurtling into the chasm below.  By then, her husband, who was on the other side of the vehicle managed to leap in and turn it off.

But was she hurt? You better believe it. Did she die? No. Thank God she survived but at a great cost. For years she underwent surgery, therapy and what not all, but was never able to walk again.
Was it worth it? By the light on her face in the picture, and the adoration of the children, she knew it was.

Some of you might find it painful to read a story like this. Your mother never cared. You’re sure your mother never did or would do anything sacrificial for you. Jesus knows that. He knows where you are. But He cares. Here’s a powerful promise. It’s found in the Bible but I’ll put it in my own words.
“Can a mother forget the baby she is nursing? Yes, it could happen, but God will never forget you.” Isaiah 49:15. In another place it says that the hairs on our head are all numbered. I think Jesus mentioned that to show how interested, how He cares about every single detail in our lives.

Maybe your earthly mother and father have left your with an aching void of loneliness in your heart, or maybe you have it in spite of their tender loving care. I didn't
grow up in a happy home either, but since I have been turning to God in my moments of pain and heartache, He has been, is comforting me, and I am finding healing. You can to.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Fortress-The Haven

I started reading a book a few days ago that I will never finish. Not because it was too boring, or that the print was too fine, but it was too awful. It is about the Christians who were persecuted to the uttermost during the Early Ages. God knew that would happen, and prepared a wonderful place of safety for them. Not far from Judea were all the turmoil began, lay the Alps and from a distance they seemed like mighty walls of a fortress. Among these mountains lay seven lush and verdant valleys that were nigh on impenetrable. For a time.
The Devil was fiercely determined to eradicate every single one of Christ's followers and as the ages rolled on, he convinced evil men to resort to extreme cruelty to destroy men, women and children alike. For one or two to suffer like that from time to time, is one thing, but this was ongoing, generation after generation. Those Romish soldiers and others faced much exhaustion and danger to penetrate these valleys, but the evil zeal in their hearts egged them on.
It's a profound testimony to the power of Jesus that the Christians didn't disappear entirely.
         But that is not the end. It cuts my heart to the quick when I'm reminded that “we” are among the three percent of the most privileged on the face of the earth. “We” are not being persecuted. “We” are not poverty stricken, or ravished by war or famine, and yet “we” complain. Sometimes I wonder if I am worthy to be called a sister of those who suffered in earlier times. I want to be worthy. I want to be more worthy. We do have a wonderful Saviour who is worth dying for, but He is also worth living for. I would like the light of the gospel to penetrate the darkest corners of the earth. It is a message of hope and salvation. It brings joy and peace. It helps us to love one another. Even our enemies. Even today many are suffering for their faith. Do they know that we care? Do they know that we are praying for them? Our forefathers passed the torch on to us. Are we holding it high?