Marilyn Friesen

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Venturing Across the Water (part 2)

Yvelisse looked up at the sky and bit her lip. Was that dark clouds on the horizon?
“Hey, you guys,” one of the youth boys called, “we’d better hurry! The wind is picking up! We don’t want to be caught out at sea if a storm blows in!”
Everyone quickly gathered their belongings and zipped up their jackets while still chatting enthusiastically. Except Yvelisse. How is it that none of the others seem at all worried about how choppy the water is getting? Why am I such a palaging nag-aalala?  (worrier) Once again she trouped with the others who would be riding in Amor’s boat. He seems so sure of himself. I can trust him.
It didn’t take long before they had left the tiny island far behind and were speedily riding the breakers. Some of the girls shouted and sang out as they hit an especially high wave, but not Yvelisse. Her knuckles were white from clutching the hand holds so tightly. After a cloud burst right on top of them, even the most exuberant spirits got a bit dampened and they all hunkered down and closer together. Yvelisse looked at Amor. He still looked so steady and calm. She looked at the other boats in their convoy. They all looked so tiny compared to the crashing waves. Please, God, please, keep us safe. Protect us. And then it happened. Their boat flipped.

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