Marilyn Friesen

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do YOU Know Lana?

Yahoo! Yoo hoo, ‘Lana’! Are you out there somewhere? It’s been a few years, now, but I haven’t forgotten you. How can someone forget such a tragic existence! My, what wouldn't I give to be able to talk to you and know how you are doing! You slipped into my life for such a short time, and I tried, oh, I know I tried to help you but what could I, a mere mortal, who had never walked where you walked, do to help so I've prayed. Lots of times, and I still, do, ‘Lana’. I haven’t forgotten you, and neither has God.

I can barely imagine the pain of abandonment from your birth on! How could anyone leave a sweet innocent baby on someone else’s’ doorstep? And why, why, when there are so many other options?

And then you were adopted. One would think life couldn't get worse, but it did. It did! And my eyes moisten when I think of it! On top of the feeling of rejection from your birth and adopted family, there was the undercurrent of fear of the next exploitation from…who was it; an uncle, perhaps?

I can still hear the pain in your voice and see it in your eyes when you told me they wouldn't even let you go to the funeral of- I think it was- your adopted brother.

But what really cinched it for me was your reaction to the dress we had made for you. We had not realized it was fabric that would fray easily and you were frantic with fear that we would harshly condemn you when it did almost immediately. You swore up and down that it was not deliberant! If I had questioned your story before, which was not possible, your distress was so genuine, I was crying on the inside!

I think I told you at the time, that I wished I could find the softest, coziest blanket around and cuddle you in my arms like a small, frightened toddler and soothe your pain away. I can’t do it, but God can. Oh ‘Lana’ jump into your Abba Father’s arms and let Him comfort you!

Oh, yeah, one more thing, Lana, darling. Please stay away from the men at least until you are healed. You have been so wounded by unsavory characters. Please, at least for the time being, find your comfort completely in Jesus. He can take the pain away. Maybe someday He will lead you to the Right Man, but  please, let the Heavenly Father do the choosing.

Do you feel like Lana? Have you heartache and wish that things could turn out better for you? Maybe you live far away from any born again believers that you can trust with your heart. I don't know what your problem is, but you can share anonymously if you want. I want to lend a listening ear. If you read my story which is at the top of the right hand column you will understand a little better why I care so much about you. 
P.S. If this story sounds familiar and you know "Lana" could you let her know I'm searching for her, and still care.