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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Loaves...of What?

Luke 11:5-9
Hez readjusted the sack over his shoulder, wiped the grim and sweat off his brow and looked upwards. Stars were beginning to twinkle in the evening sky, but he didn’t welcome the cheery sight. With the coming of nightfall the lurking dangers became so much the more real. Burglars, as well as various types of wild beasts became as bold as lions.
Even if they were much smaller, they were just as stealthy. He had hoped, oh, he had hoped to have gotten to Abram’s place before sunset, but at this rate it would be closer to midnight.
Abram woke with a start, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. What? Was someone knocking on his door at this hour? Who could it be? It surely couldn’t mean trouble or they would have easily broken down his flimsy door.
“Hezekiah! Good to see you! What brings you to our remote village at this hour? Come in, come in!” Abram bustled around providing water to wash the weary traveler’s feet, and as he did so, his heart sank. I have nothing to put before him, and he must be famished.
“Tarry here a moment, brother, while I run over to the neighbours, and borrow some bread.”
“Knock! Knock! Knock!”
Now it was Judah’s time to rub sleep from his eyes in the middle of the night. When Abram explained his need, Judah hesitated. If he got out of bed and started moving around, his children would be sure to waken. Ever since his wife, Mary, died, it had been hard enough to get them to settle down for the night. Nay, enough of such thoughts: Abram was in need, and the least he could do was ‘lend him three loaves’.
Three loaves of what?  Time, Patience and Compassion, perhaps. Do you have three loaves to spare?  If not run to the Friend who cares for and about needy children and He will supply your need.