Marilyn Friesen

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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Little Dog Sure Looked Smug

That little dog sure looked smug as it traipsed along with a bone in its mouth. I don’t know where he got it; maybe from under the nose of a bigger dog while it was sleeping, but it felt justifiably proud: until it reached the bridge.
It took a little more caution to cross that narrow bridge carrying the bone in his mouth. But he was unconcerned, so with tail wagging and head held high he marched across. Or started, I should say. He hadn’t gone far when he saw another dog. With a bigger bone! Somehow that rascal of a competitor how seized a bigger and better bone and was swimming away with it. Well, he wasn’t going to take that sitting down! No way! In an instant he had his little white paws on the weathered wooden railing and he started scolding the mean, old dog in the water. Oops! What happened?! His own bone fell in the water, and there it was sinking rapidly to the bottom of the stream. Oh, dear, that was only my reflection I saw!
Well, there are some humans out here in these backwoods that might be just a little like that silly dog. We have a fine acreage surrounded by things we love; the dogs, the cats, friendly chickens, landscaping projects…what more could a dog---I mean a fella want?
So we trot along, head held high---until we see something better.
“Say, why don’t we rent out our acreage and rent a small place in town so you don’t have to drive so awfully far to work all the time?”

Does that sound like a good idea?