Marilyn Friesen

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Does God Care About the Little Things?

He sure does, and I have the cutest little doll to remind me. When we went to Africa I left part of my heart there, and had wanted to bring back an African baby doll wrapped on its mother’s back as a symbolic memory of the place.  Would you believe there wasn’t any that really looked authentic?  

I did find a painting done by a native artist of that scene which was beautiful though.

Now this is the truly neat part. The first time, the very first time I strolled into Value Village after our trip I found a super authentic looking African baby doll just sitting there waiting for me to take home.

 And here's the bonus. Never once have I seen one that looks anywhere nearly as authentic before or since.  Not even on line! Does Jesus care bout the little things? You bet.