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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Do you remember the story about the boy who owned a pellet gun?
Maybe you ran across it in an Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Story Book if you are anywhere near my age. Anyway I got to thinking about that boy and all the trouble he caused for himself and others because of that so called toy. He ended up breaking windows, shooting birds, and what not all. Not smart, not smart at all. Finally his mother confiscated the gun.
                Did that solve the problem? Nope.  He searched stealthily searched until he found its hiding place.  Only problem is Little Brother was sneaking up behind him, when he found out, that startled him so much he ended up shooting himself in the hand.

                Wow did that ever hurt, but he made sure his sibling wouldn’t squeal on him and managed to keep the festering wound covered and secretive for many years.

                Are we like that? Is there something in our lives we don’t want anyone to know about it? Is it causing pain or lack of victory? Maybe it’s only a sliver but we can’t seem to get it out on our own. 
I decided to open heartedly share my life to see if there was anything that may be hindering full growth and victory. Sure it might hurt to have someone else help to pry it out, but the healing and comfort will be blessed indeed.

P.S. I sadly admit there are some of you that firmly believe it will cause more harm than good if you would try to share some of the things that are troubling you. I'm not going to say that isn't so. Did you know that Jesus is also called the Great Physician? You can take all your troubles, your sin, guilt and woes to Him. Pour out your heart to Him, confess your faults to Him and let Him lead you from there so that you can be healed. And I do hope you will find a true born again Christian who can help you also.

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