Marilyn Friesen

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


President Davids was aware that he was handsome, but as he stooped to gaze at his reflection to make sure he was impeccably groomed that is not caught his attention.  He sighed. It was three months since his wife died in a car accident taking their unborn baby with her. Three months, and the sorrow still lingered in his eyes, shadowed his features.  He flecked a nearly invisible speck of lint off his collar and straightened his tie. How could he continue to appear upbeat and in command of his world when his heart was shattered?

Today wasn’t going to be an ordinary day. Correction, the daylight hours would be ordinary enough but when twilight’s hazy glow began to soften the tones throughout the city and the streetlamps shed their pools of light that is when his day would truly begin. He tightened his belt a notch and gave his reflection an approving grin. Those workouts in the gym were beginning to pay off.
Mr. Davids managed, or thought he managed, the hectic business of the day, as messages, emails and phone calls continued to fly in, but his mind was elsewhere. Bethany. Would she be at the party?  He had earlier meet the police officer’s wife at a smaller social function that her husband hadn’t been able to attend.  Bethany had looked lonely as she drifted from group to group, wine glass in hand, but rarely touching it to her lips. Chivalrous man that he was, it didn’t take Davids long to make his way through the crowds and graciously make small talk with her. What he hadn’t expected was the instant rapport. He saw it in her eyes and assumed she realized the connection was on both sides.  
Davids tried to forget the strikingly attractive young woman, she was married after all, but it wasn’t easy. In his line of business they ran into his each other fairly often. But you didn’t need to put on a party just to honor all the police officers in the state just when you knew Jim was on night duty. His conscience smote him even while pleasantly shaking hands and greeting officers from various cities. He managed to ask intelligent questions and as usual endeared himself to them by his apparent interest in their responses. But the President’s mind was elsewhere. More than once she drifted into his line of vision, and without a doubt their eyes met.

Davids shifted his position for what felt like the twentieth time in the last hour. I don’t know why this mattress feels so uncomfortable. I’ll have to get the housekeeper to order another one in the morning. By the light on his radio alarm he could tell it was only three-o-five, far too soon for even an early bird like himself to start the day. A plan had been hatching in his mind for the last several weeks and he was too tired and disgruntled to suppress it any longer.

 He had been casually at first, then lately more diligently been keeping in touch with the city police in regards to the drug problem that had  filtered down to the elementary school age children. I is high time to break up that den of iniquity, he comforted himself. But you don’t have to suggest that Jim Douglas to be on the team that captures them. It doesn’t take being a rocket scientist to know there will probably be a shoot-out.

to be continued...