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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Don't Turn Around and Look Behind

Isn’t it easy to assume that children go through life without care in the world and in their innocence aren’t much affected by what’s going  on around them? Come to think of it, what I am really saying isn’t it easy to not pay too much attention to a child other than to care for their obvious physical needs? 

The only little girl I knew well, myself, wasn’t unaware of the stress in the atmosphere, and even in times when she may have appeared totally carefree there was a deeper meaning to her actions. 

Mom was a lover of flowers, just like I am now, and it seems to me that the summer I turned eleven the  flowers along our garden path were doing especially well. I recall some Sweet William growing near the strawberry patch, but after that lots of zinnias paraded across the garden. This was the ideal place for a little girl to prance up and down singing the upbeat songs learned so recently. 

“Keep in the middle of the King’s Highway, Keep in the middle of the road, Don’t turn to the left, don’t turn to the right, just keep in the middle of the road, Don’t turn around and look behind for the devil will change your mind, Just keep right on, marching along, keep in the middle of the road. “

I also sang “I’m gonna run, run, run to meet my Jesus…” Do you know that one, too? 

There were other choruses, also, that I enjoyed singing, and years later sang to my own children and grandchildren. 

Being a follower of Jesus has little or nothing to do with our intellectual maturity but so much to do with the condition of our heart and our relationship with Jesus. Our Saviour gives everyone who decides to follow Him a lovely connection with Him. 

I’m thinking sadly of the ones that ‘turn around and look behind’ and eventually the sweet and tender voice of their loving Guide and Friend can’t be heard anymore. If that’s you, why not go back to that experience that was dear to you from long ago and renew your walk with God that was once so precious to you. 

Yah, why not?