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Monday, February 27, 2017

Have You Been to Jericho Lately?

The crowds were immense, but then when weren’t they? In seemed like everywhere that Jesus went the people followed. One man couldn’t though, he was too little. I don’t know if he was a pygmy, exactly, but he was having a hard time getting close to Jesus or even spotting him so what did he do? He hurried ahead of the mob entering into Jericho and scrambled up into a sycamore tree. Possibly, in order to keep his dignity intact, he concealed himself among the leaves. Most of the crowd wouldn’t have paid much attention to him, if they noticed him at all, but not Jesus, He is keenly aware of those that are seeking Him.
Are we? When we as Christians hurry down the streets of life, do we notice those up a tree, possibly in more ways than one, who are observing us, wondering if we can help?
Do we have a warm word of encouragement for them, an invitation to come down because we want to be their friend?
Jesus’ words: “love thy neighbour as thyself” is full of deep meaning.
Luke 19:1-10