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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Slappin' an Slickin"

Whether you're inclined to get dizzy or not, I don't think too many of you would care to spend too much time painting ceilings. If you read yesterday's post you will have 'seen' me industriously painting our secondary bathroom a cheerful yellow. Well, you know how it goes; one thing leads to another and it didn't take long to discover that the ceiling needed a touch up also. (And yes, I am typing this with dabs of paint on my fingers.) My head doesn't care to be up-tilted all that long so I developed an excuse to go a-blogging. Hey, all you people that are are impassively sitting in buses, trains, and what-not's need something to read, something to think about for a few minutes so here you go! And here I go back to slapping (??!!) on paint and slicking up the bathroom. My, but it's beginning to look bright and new in there!
Have a good day, folks!
That's about the color of my hair but I sure ain't quite that young lookin' ! Just add some laugh lines around the eyes and a pair o glasses and it will be a little more like it. lol

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Springtime Indoors!


Would I freak you out or would you be charmed if you knew what I was doing today? I was painting the secondary bathroom yellow. Yes! Yellow!  I like it! It is so sunny and bright. Sure I'll tone it down---or brighten it even more--- with white trim, but hey, it won't blind you, and the door is closed most of the time :^)  .
I'm sprucing up more of the house than just what we call the 'far' bathroom, though. The entrance hall will be a softer tone of yellow, but still cheery when I'm done with it. I already did the living room, (more like a family room y'know), kitchen and main hall in complimentary shades of blue and I want to tie them all together in our open utility area with some color that's a blend of yellow and blue.  Aqua? Turquoise?  Anyway something pretty and complimentary. I'll keep the main bathroom a nice safe desert sand color so it will continue to match our main guestroom just across the hall. It's fun, cheerful and fun. No I'm not being redundant. I meant to say it that way.  I'll  try and get some pictures off or is it on line to give you an idea of my dreams...
Regardless of whether you approve or disapprove of my color combinations, you're still welcome to come visit our Bed and Breakfast for a nice relaxing country-style vacation this summer. Or sooner! Or later!
That's pretty much the right shade, but I didn't find any hallways that were as attractive as what I envision ours will be. (Prejudiced!)
I think this shade would look attractive in our utility but I don't care for, and will not use that orangey-brown color  for accents. Hope I didn't offend anyone!
Have fun with your own springtime projects, folks! I'd love to hear what you are doing with all that surplus early spring energy. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

The Folks Next Door Part Two

“Goedemorgen, Claudine!” Verena hurried over to the young mother who was strolling down a wooded path near their town home. “May I take a peek at your baby? Hallo Jans, did I wake you up? What a sweet little boy you are!” She sighed happily and looked around. “What a perfectly lovely day to be out for a walk. Aren't spring days beautiful?”
Claudine nodded. “ Pieter and Nicholaes do not play too far from the path. We need to go home after awhile to make supper for your father.”
“Where is Margriete?” Verena asked while she was making silly facial expressions to get the rosy cheeked lad to giggle.
“Over yonder,” Claudine pointed. “She is gathering an armful of flowers to fill our rooms with.”
“Meenen is such a pretty little town.”
Claudine fell silent. At least it doesn't have a dungeon like Ypres does. She suddenly felt cold and it had nothing to do with the stirring of a summer-like breese. How I would hate to be confined to a dark prison cell when the air is so fresh and there are all kinds of interesting things to do. She felt her grip tighten around the baby's small form. Verena didn't notice Claudine's change of mood. She was already rushing back to chat with Margriete.
“Mama!” Pieter called. “May I hold Jans please?”
Claudine handed the baby to his brother who promptly sat down in the grass and entertained him by tickling his face with a daisy.
What happy, sweet children I have, and such a good husband. Why then am I feeling cast-down in my soul, all of a sudden? Claudine started singing and the rich, pure tones filled the air with a rare beauty.
Claudine had a good soup cooking by the time Piersom entered the door. Claudine quirked her eyebrows. He didn't bound in with his usual boisterous good humor.
Piersom motioned for her to step outside.
“Margariete, you can start feeding Jans. He's so hungry after all that fresh air this afternoon. Yes, Piersom?”
Her husband closed the door behind Claudine before speaking. Then he laid his hands on her shoulders and looked deep into her warm, brown eyes. “ Hendric matched my step as I was returning home from work.”
Claudine nodded. Why such a sober look?
“Titelmannus is out and about.”
“Who is he?” Why did I whisper?
“The Dean of Ronse.”
When his wife still wore a blank expression, Piersom continued, “The Inquisitor. A pious councillor warned me to flee. I will hide in yonder woods.”
“Could you not pause to sup with us? You must be tired after such a long day.”
“Nay, I must hasten. He may have rounded up the bailiffs already to come and fetch me.” He turned to go, then paused. “You come, to, Claudine. They may be after you as well.”
Claudine knew the danger they were in. “I will fetch the baby, but you go! Go! Don't wait for me! I'll be but a moment later.”

“Where's Papa?”
“Why doesn't Papa come in for supper? I am hungry!”
“Papa and I are going for a little walk. Go ahead and eat. Pieter, you can lead in prayer. Hallo Janzie! My what a sopping wet baby! Did he eat much?”
Margariete nodded. “Everything that I mashed up for him.”
Claudine quickly and deftly changed the baby's sodden garments then hurried out the door.
She saw a ragtag, but determined looking bunch of men heading down the street so ducked into the woods and quickened her pace.

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