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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Springtime Indoors!


Would I freak you out or would you be charmed if you knew what I was doing today? I was painting the secondary bathroom yellow. Yes! Yellow!  I like it! It is so sunny and bright. Sure I'll tone it down---or brighten it even more--- with white trim, but hey, it won't blind you, and the door is closed most of the time :^)  .
I'm sprucing up more of the house than just what we call the 'far' bathroom, though. The entrance hall will be a softer tone of yellow, but still cheery when I'm done with it. I already did the living room, (more like a family room y'know), kitchen and main hall in complimentary shades of blue and I want to tie them all together in our open utility area with some color that's a blend of yellow and blue.  Aqua? Turquoise?  Anyway something pretty and complimentary. I'll keep the main bathroom a nice safe desert sand color so it will continue to match our main guestroom just across the hall. It's fun, cheerful and fun. No I'm not being redundant. I meant to say it that way.  I'll  try and get some pictures off or is it on line to give you an idea of my dreams...
Regardless of whether you approve or disapprove of my color combinations, you're still welcome to come visit our Bed and Breakfast for a nice relaxing country-style vacation this summer. Or sooner! Or later!
That's pretty much the right shade, but I didn't find any hallways that were as attractive as what I envision ours will be. (Prejudiced!)
I think this shade would look attractive in our utility but I don't care for, and will not use that orangey-brown color  for accents. Hope I didn't offend anyone!
Have fun with your own springtime projects, folks! I'd love to hear what you are doing with all that surplus early spring energy.