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Monday, February 1, 2016

Do You Want to Go to Heaven?

Have you ever asked someone if they wanted to go to Heaven and they replied, “Nope, I am not interested. “ If there is such a fellow, or gal, I’d like to have a little chat with them. I’m curious to know why they had formed such an opinion.

For the majority of us, though, I think we instinctively  are longing for a Better Place after this life is over.  Life has been difficult for most of us at one time or another, and for some it has been down right rotten.

Someone said “hope springs eternal in the human breast.” I can’t remember who to attribute those words to, but they are such a classic quote they will not soon be forgotten. I believe it is a God-given longing to hope for something better after this life.

And there is, something better that is. There are a few requirements of course. We have to admit that we are sinners and Jesus died to cleanse us from our sins.

It’s a high, narrow road, this climb to Heaven, so better make sure the right things are in our backpacks so that they don’t drag us down. Worse yet, if the load shifts, we might be knocked clear off the cliff.

Okay, what are some of the things that we oughtn’t to carry along with us? Well there’s offendedness and unforgiveness to name a couple. God had taken them away when we first came to Him, but we do have a way of picking them up, again, you know.

Everyone has their own ‘sins that easily besets them’ as the Bible says, and they do vary from time to time. Sometimes they want to cling like barnacles to the inside of the knapsack, let Jesus help you clean them out, you don’t need them.

Some don’t want to go there if their pets won’t be waiting on “Yonder Shore’ for them.  Why make a decision based on that? You don’t know for sure whether they will or won’t be, so commit that to Christ, also.

Some of us are easily distracted by the attractions of this world, getting rich or famous, having fun, being fit, well you name it. All of that is great, well to a certain extent, but don’t let it cloud our vision.

I really truly believe that Heaven will be far, far better than the most imaginative of us can ever picture.  Let’s get there.

P.S. I almost forgot something really important. We don't have to go around with an empty backpack, Jesus gives us some lightweight stuff to take along with us that's really wonderful,  Love, Joy and Peace to name a few. 

Enjoy your spiritual journey. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Him?? Fight Like a Tiger??!!

How many of you have read the book Pilgrim’s Progress? How many of you have never even heard of the book?

My husband and I have been reading it out loud in the evenings. It’s an old fashioned book with an up to date message. The part we are on now really jumped out at me. This strong, brave man called Greatheart in the book was leading a group of ladies to the Celestial City, when they came across an old man, sleeping. Did they leave him sleeping? Nope. It was a dangerous place to be taking a nap. 

This book represents our spiritual journey, our efforts to reach Heaven and we need to be diligent if we want to make it there.

Well, Mr. Honesty woke up with a start and old as he was ready to do battle with anything that would prevent him from reaching his goal.

Now this is the part that really impressed me. He told Greatheart and his little band of followers that he would have fought like a tiger as long as he had breath. He was sure he would have never been defeated because a Christian can never be defeated unless he yields himself.

What are you being tempted with right at this moment? Cheating on a test? Giving in to your friends who have been pestering you to do drugs with you? Hanging out with the ‘wrong’ crowd and not letting them know you as a follower of Christ? What is it? What is it?  Being disrespectful to your Mom when she is soo exasperating? A Christian can never be defeated unless he chooses to. Do you choose to trust God to see you through your trial one step at a time? He can you know.  And you can ask for prayers.

Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyanwww.prairieviewpress.com

Monday, November 17, 2014

Just a Little Honey, Why Not?

Part of the Glass Castle Series.
Jonathan was enthused about the battle, but he was getting tired, really tired. He noticed that his fellow comrades were also wearying, although they were valiantly pursuing the enemy. He had been rooting out ‘demons of darkness’ in a thick woods and paused for a moment to catch his breath.
            “Ah, honey!”

Saturday, November 15, 2014

IF The Lord is With Us, We'll Conquer!

Part of the Glass Castle Series

“I've had it,” Jonathan declared, tightening his helmet under his chin. “Here we are servants of the King of Love, yet we are slinking around like timid foxes.”
        “As if foxes were ever timid!” his armor bearer retorted.
        “Well timid-something, then; lambs maybe. Here we are hiding in holes and dens of the earth when we have won so many victories in the past. What’s got into us?”
        His armor bearer, Davin, shrugged his shoulders.
        Jonathan peered cautiously out of the cave, looked all around, then reported back to his companion.
        “I see no one around. They’re probably sitting around eating and drinking and having a good time. “
        “The enemy you mean? “
        “Not our soldiers. They’re terrified.” 
Then his face softened. “What they need is a leader. A strong leader, one that is courageous and decisive about following our Master.”
He slipped into his iron clad sandals and tightened them, then beckoned to Davin.
        “See those two tall, jagged rocks out here? Between them is a good look out over the plateau. We can get a better idea of the enemy’s tactics from there.”     Davin nodded thoughtfully then scrambled after his buddy to the excellent vantage point.

        “I think I know what the King of Love wants us to do,” Jonathan explained in a low voice. “If they come up to us, then we better flee, because our Lord is not leading us, but IF they tell us to come to them then, WHOOPEE! –“
        Jonathan dropped his voice. “We can conquer in the Name of the Lord!”
     He stepped boldly forward and waved his arms.
        Two young soldiers strode cockily towards them. “Ha, look. The cowards are timidly peering out. Come face us if you dare!”

        Jonathan’s neck flushed with anger.
        “If we dare,” he muttered while quickly making his way over the cliff. “The Lord is for us!”  He shouted and plunged into the thick of the fray.
        The demonic army seemed to be frightened by their courage and determination. 

Others from the Glass Castle saw what was happening. Their own fear turned to shame then determination not to let the Enemy have such an inroad into their lives.
 With a prayer on their lips and a shining sword in their hands they too were determined to conquer. In the Name of the Lord!