Marilyn Friesen

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Flood...from Mary's viewpoint

I positioned Yaakov (Jame's) head against my shoulder, and wondered how long he had been sleeping. The story had been more for Yeshua anyway. My oldest son seems so wise and discerning for his age.

Yeshua snuggled closer. "Tell me more, Imma."

"I'll pretend to be one of the wives now. I was standing a short distance behind Father Noah as he  spoke to the people, and could see conviction working on some of the faces but no one responded. One young talitha (girl) wanted to come into the ark but her father forcibly restrained her. She looked worried.

"Noah waited for a long time, but no one stepped stepped forward. With a sob in my throat, I turned when Noah turned, and helped to tie the various animals into their stanctions. They had been filing in all day in pairs or groups of sevens, and the rest of the family had been kept busy keeping order.

"At first the exuberant throng had cheered and joked about the animals traipsing by as if they thought it was an amusing parade, but eventually the laughter died down. I don't think they wanted to watch anymore. Did it make them feel uncomfortable? Did some of them have a feeling that the animals were acting wiser than they were?

"One agile youngster shimmied up into a coconut palm and shouted; "If your puny rain comes, I'll be safe! It caused several others to try to climb also, but it is not as easy as he had made it look. Besides he flung green coconuts down on them.

Soon a powerful creaking and groaned sound prevailed over all other sounds and I ducked back inside. It felt like my heart was in my mouth while I watched that massive door rolling down without the aid of human hands When the door was halfways down, I had glimpsed the terrified white faces of two small children, a boy and a girl. I called out to them, but they clasped hands and ran away. It was too late for me to run after them. Because they wanted to, and were so young, I am sure El' Eloyim will pardon them.