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Monday, January 28, 2013

Squandering Their Very Last Chance

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Yeshua (Jesus), and his brother had been snuggled up on either side of me on the sleeping bench, deeply engrossed in the story I was telling them. I think to all of us, our little one room dwelling had faded away and we felt like we were watching history unfold as it had in Noah's time.

"Just remember, son, that God will pardon the children, because they were innocent and didn't know any better."

Yeshua nodded solemnly, but I hardly noticed as I continued with my narrative.

"I, (as one of the daughters-in-law, remember),turned sadly away and continued to  help Noah and the others.

If I hadn't been feeling so anguished about our loved ones who were squandering their very last chance, I would have marveled at how orderly most of the animals were behaving. Sure a frisky lamb scampered right past a magestic pair of lions as if daring them to give chase but they didn't even look tempted.

 Aquinnah says that Grandma Eva used to tell stories about how beautifully all the animals used to play together. Those fantastic lions sedately strolled down the center aisle to the correct stall, and patiently waited while Seth fastened a specially made halter around their necks. Next to them was stationed the zebras, which I wouldn't have thought was such a wise plan. Incidently I found it interesting how they were craning their necks and taking in everything. And what a view they had! Do you remember that one time we saw zebras down in Egypt? "

Yeshua shook his head. "Well, anyways they have amazingly long necks. Next to them were tigers; fierce striped creatures and next to them..."I grinned,"Oh I don't know, Maybe hyppopotamus."Just then I heard a brawl going on outside, and my face instantly sobered. By the sound of all the noise makers, it didn't seem very likely that they were concerned about being saved from the flood to come and my heart sank, once again. "I was feeling very broken-hearted by then."

"What does broken-hearted mean, Imma?" Yeshua whispered as he wrapped his arms around my neck.

"Sad, very sad." I pressed a kiss against his upturned cheek, then continued my narrative."Tears had flooded my eyes, making it hard to see what I was doing."

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