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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Going Home (?)

Alice is flying home from Alberta, Canada, after visiting with her birth family. They have been separated for fifteen years, and she is feeling sick with dispair. This is the sequel to Two Mothers,Twin Daughters. You will not find it in any bookstores. Not yet!

The gracious lady in the dark outfit, the air stewardess, Alice guessed she was called, was by her side now. Alice looked up with tear blurred eyes.

“May I help you with anything?”

Alice numbly shook her head, but her lower lip trembled.

The air stewardess paused for a moment. “Perhaps you are concerned about the weather,” she stooped a little lower so that only Alice could hear.

“The pilot has detected a break in the clouds which seems to be widening. Soon we will begin to descend. Would you like me to bring you a snack? Some cookies, perhaps?

"Bitte, bitte, sehr,” (If you please!) Alice responded, dutifully, and then her heart sank. Even her response was in Mundart. She was so died in the wool Swiss that even her words betrayed her. But I am a Harrison! In my heart I am all Harrison. I wish I could fling my arms around all my true brothers and sisters one more time! Nicholas, I miss you so! I miss your chubby arms and innocent smiles. Heidi, I long to get to know you better! You were so sweet and shy! Konrad, you, to, were so lovable, and yes I will miss you, to, Eric! Maybe a lot more than I would admit!

Alice tried hard to suppress thoughts about her parents and her identical twin, Emily, because she knew if she couldnt, she would start to sob uncontrollably. Never had she realized how strong, how impossibly strong a bond would be forged with her identical twin in a few short weeks. And they had thought they were close, before!

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