Marilyn Friesen

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Does God Answer Prayer?

Y’know it doesn’t really help for a Mom to worry about her adult children ‘cuz she ain’t gonna know the half of what goes on in their life anyway.
Okay, okay, switch from that grubby English. You don’t talk like that! Nevertheless this is a true story!!
Lashelle was motoring along; possibly not at merrily as usual, because after all it was raining. Like seriously.  Work was quite a long ways away and a daily trek, but she was on the way there when it happened. Car trouble! Help! She probably thought, I’m a female stranded in this kind of weather! Oh, well, I’m not all alone. I’ll ask my Heavenly father for help. So she did. Lord, you know I need help. Could you send someone I can trust; a policeman, maybe, or someone from our church? Well, she didn’t tell me if she had time to say Amen, or not, but help sure arrived in a hurry.
               “Hello, may I help you?” Lashelle was chatting with the off duty policeman while someone else came to a stop, and strolled over.
               The two men probably introduced each other, while Lashelle grinned not so secretively.
God sure must have a sense of humor to send, not just a cop, but  one of the ministers from our church!
               You get the point? God is looking out for us, and He sure does answer prayer!
               Oh hey, I missed a really juicy morsel. That gentlemanly policeman was a friend of Lashelle’s boss and he told her “If she gives you trouble for being late, you tell her to talk to me!”