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Friday, October 28, 2016

MMMarvelous Memories of a Mom

There is nothing so thrilling as delivering a baby and having it laid in your arms for the first time. Many times before my first wee one was born I dreamed about her, and, in fact, I even dreamed that she was a red hair and I’d call her Audrey. What delicate hands she had! Oh, those sweet little fingers wrapped around my finger were so adorable. With all my heart I wanted to be the best little Mommy a woman could be. Even before Audrey came into the world, we communicated: I loved to sing to her and read Bible Stories out loud to my Little Blessing. It was such a lot of fun banging on the side of the tub with the hard handle of a brush while watching her kick back in response! Another time she let me know that my stress was affecting her. I was getting some dental work done, and she kicked wildly.
With e
ach baby, it was such a special time preparing a drawer exclusively for baby’s soft, little garments. Of course, it had to be first lined with something pretty, and scented with the sweet perfume of baby powder. What a warm, maternal feeling would come over me as I carefully folded those tiny pastel garments and tucked them gently into the awaiting storage space. In those days we lovingly covered cut off plastic cooking oil containers, or something similar with a pretty cloth and ruffles. These were our new diaper bags, made more special because we had created them.
What a pleasure it was to prepare a nice sized cardboard box to use as a bassinet by covering it with daintily flowered mac-tac. I also enjoyed making bedding for baby’s first ‘little nest’. I could hardly bear to think of putting my tiny baby into a massive crib! No, no, not yet. They need safe, sheltering walls around them when they are so new, so very new to this big, wide world.
 I remember bringing her home. Auntie had been helping us so the house was gleaming when we arrived. I laid the baby on her side smack in the middle of our double bed and smiled at her little fist thrust out in front of her. She looked like she wanted to get into a fight! (Nothing symbolic, here!)
 For some reason, I was the kind of Mom that let all the school age girls hold my babies, at church, while watching, of course, and they sure did crowd around for a chance to hold those little bundles! One lady had noticed that Audry was sleeping the first two Sunday’s I brought you to church, but on the third Sunday jokingly remarked: “Oh, her eyes are opened."
  Audrey was such a sweet baby, so tiny and innocent: I could hold her on one arm (and of course she was very, very pretty!) Perhaps because Mommy was a little nervous, she would have a fussy time in the evenings but we soon learned that she liked to travel (?!!) because the soothing hum of the car in motion would put her to sleep! P.S. She dreams of being a world traveler now!
 Little Miss Precious grew and of course, and like many first time parents, we tried to hurry her progress by getting her to crawl before she was ready. I remember putting toys just out of her reach to get her motivated, but once she got going, she –went! And if I recall correctly she had a perfectly balanced crawl without scooting around on her bottom or any other such maneuvers.
 Of course, it was cute seeing her toddle around on her own two little feet a few months later. I remember when our little one first sat; she kept her back so straight that I was impressed!
Her developing personality was lovely to watch also. She didn’t seem to have the ‘selfish’ gene tucked away somewhere, and would gladly share her toys with others. If you ever wanted to see a miniature ‘high flier’ you should have seen Audrey! She just loved her jolly jumper, and when I fastened it to a tree outside, my did she ever bounce!
 Her affection for kittens started young, also. Once friends of ours had a very young kitten at their place and she was in hot pursuit of it. When she finally caught it, she didn’t know how to hold it properly and squeezed its little tummy. (Can’t you just picture the beaming little girl with a soft gray and white kitten?) My friend said; “Careful! She’ll want to have her dinner tomorrow!”
 Potty training called for its own tricks of the trade. This was an ideal time to have certain books and toys appear that never were available otherwise.
She looked so adorable with her little thumb tucked securely in her mouth and her fingers curled around it. We created a whole string of thumb or finger sucking children for some reason!
 Well, do you want to read more, or is that enough for now? (Please stop whispering behind your hands that I must have rose-tinted glasses! You thought I wouldn't know what you were thinking, eh?)
Okay, now that I've bared my heart, it's your turn. What was your best, worst, or most humorous parenting moment? C'mon cough it up!