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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Marita's Momentous Decision

If you're still undecided about whether to buy Two Mothers, Twin Daughters or not, here is a little appetizer that just might get you hungry enough to grab the rest.

Marita didn’t just hold the babies, she clung to them. How will I ever decide?
It was while in the case room: bright lights and whiteness were all around when the questions first shattered her joy. She had been anticipating the soul-stirring moment when the nurse would finish cleansing the squirmy newborns, wrap them snugly in soft receiving blankets and place them one by one into her longing arms.
"They are fine, perfectly fine," the genial doctor reassured her when she fretted about how small they were. "Sure, they are a bit tiny and will need extra care for the next two or three weeks, but are strong and healthy. Congratulations, Mrs. Sutherland!"
Marita half arose on the bed, her arms reaching out, then she was cuddling them. For a long moment, she had eyes for nothing more than those incredibly beautiful, incredibly precious rosy-red bundles of humanity.
Finally, wonderfully convinced that they were healthy, her heart melted.
To think they were hers, gloriously hers to love and to cherish as long as she lived.  She felt a yearning protectiveness grip her as while gazing into those wide cloudy blue eyes, making an instant connection. A throb of joy filled her heart. I may be young for such tremendous responsibility, but oh, I want to, I want to give them the best care possible.
 Will Randall be a caring father? He hadn't liked it when I got pregnant, and that was before I knew there were twins! How will he treat them? Can I trust him not to hurt these sweet treasures from Heaven?
"Mrs. Sutherland, are you alright?"
"You’re pale: maybe I should put the babies back in their bassinets now."
Marita looked blankly at the young nurse then down at the babies in her arms. She did feel faint.
She stared at the retreating figure taking off with her children.
My own babies!  What’s going to happen to them? Will Randall be cruel, or unfaithful? Before we married, many young women flirted and made google eyes at him.  What if he decides having a wife and two babies is not to his liking?

What shall I do? Can I go to Deer Flats if he is gaol? Dare I?  I refuse to leave the babies in an orphanage while I am a cashier at some dumpy department store and I can’t leech off the Seifert's forever!

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