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Thursday, October 20, 2016

2 Dumped

Mother dies on the train, kids left at an overcrowded orphanage, how will they ever find a true Home at Last? But they did! Find out how with the included link for A Home at Last by Marilyn Friesen

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Based On a True Story

“What do I care if they are hungry?” Comrade Snezhana scoffed.  “We've put up with them all day long, and are taking a well-deserved break.”

Lyosha could hear whimpering down the long halls in the orphanage and it made her feel uncomfortable. She knew how little the children had to eat today, and it wasn't any better yesterday, or last week either.
A half hour later Comrade Roksana handed her a glass of wine to go with the expensive white chocolates that were topping off the meal but she felt too full, or was it sick, to take another bite.
A toddler’s fretful whimpers were turning into lusty wails. Lyosha knew she should go comfort Klava before Comrade Snezhana strode over there and started slapping her around. But Lyosha didn’t dare. She knew she had the reputation of being too soft on the ‘brats’ and didn't have the nerve to make a scene in front of all the other comrades including hardened officers who were partying with them.www.prairieviewpress.com *
I suppose you are horrified that something like this really did happen in Russia during the war. Why is it that we can sympathize with physical needs and want to do something, yet hardly hear the hidden cry of the heart?

How many children, young people, and churches are starving spiritually while those of us that should be helping them are feasting on what the world has to offer and barely take enough spiritual manna to keep our own souls alive?

When’s the last time you or I have had a truly satisfying hour of studying the Bible? When is the last time we fasted, not to be seen of men, but because we had such a deep longing to pray, that food or earthly pleasures just didn't seem important? I fall so far short but oh I pray that I can do better!

* I poured out my heart concerning the needs and pathos of orphan children in the book A Home At Last. It is a true story that is supposed to incite people to want to adopt, foster or just care and pray for the needy children around the world. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Get Me There On Time

George Mueller had an appointment on Friday at one o'clock, in Montreal. Problem was he was still stuck at sea, and he had been for days. The ship was locked in heavy fog and the captain wouldn't dream of trying to venture closer to land under the circumstances. He hadn't reckoned with George Mueller who claimed he had never been late for an appointment and didn't intend to start now. Well the captain tried to reason with him, all the while wondering what kind of insane person he had on board.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

That's MY Baby!!

Have you ever read or heard of stories about the atrocities that happened in Catholic boarding schools a couple generations ago? There's a new twist on that old story that makes me shudder, partly because I almost felt I had BEEN THERE!

Back, maybe sixty years ago, or so the story goes there was an all girls orphanage run by nuns who were very severe. Possibly because of the lack of love in that atmosphere, some of the girls got carried away with guys they secretly met, and babies resulted. Of course this was responded to with shock, horror, and disapproval. The one girl who the story focuses on dearly loved her little boy, but was only allowed to see him for a short time once a week. Imagine the delighted reunion when they fell into each others arms during these brief visits! Picture these very young moms running into the room barely heeding the stern commands to walk like ladies!

The scene changes in a flash!! Almost too late this girl finds out that her child is going to be snatched away and adopted! How she screams and wails and races down the stairs but is held back. She tears up the stairs once again and calls and calls out the window to her sweet little boy. Imagine her excruciating dispair and agony of losing the love of her life! Little boy crying outdoor

She never, never forgets him, and eventually searches extensively...and finds him...after he dies.

So what does this have to do with ME, you ask?

I had a strange sensation while we stayed in a spacious cottage that used to be a vacation home for nuns. It was chill, musky, plain house and far too easy to picture that young girl flying down the stairs in that sort of atmosphere. There was even one or two iron crosses hanging on the walls.

But I'm leaving you on a down note. Next time I'll post about the positive sights on this spots.