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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No Time to Call the Vet!

We just had a terrifying moment with our adorable, little puppy. I use an old pitcher little this with a more curved neck to water houseplants with than the one in the picture, and Cuddles got her head stuck in it. I tried to pull or twist it off, but that was impossible! Next, I grabbed a stone to break out an air hole for her. She had been calm til now but was beginning to panic, like me! I raced into the storage room and grabbed the vice grip but it seemed to take forever to chip pieces off that in-my-mind-too-durable vessel. But we did it, we did it, and Cuddles definitely wanted a reassuring moment of cuddling after that. What if our daughter hadn't noticed the puppy's predicament so quickly? What if she hadn't been there to hold her for me? God cares even about the little things.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Post Script for One of Your Favorite Pet Stories

God’s Little Surprises
If you'd read this before, just skip to the postscript at the bottom, if you want.

How many of you remember me moaning and groaning about losing our sixteen year old Golden Retriever? In my mind’s eyes I can still see her lying on a blanket beside the bed, breathing heavily. I stroked her and spoke comfortingly to her, but it was evident to all that the end was coming soon. And it did. Sigh.
We eventually got a beagle cross to fill an empty spot in my heart, and I thought he was doing a pretty good job, but you know what? He had to go. We had to let that sweet, wiggly bunch of energy and love go to a new home ‘cause he was just plain mean to our daughter’s cat and destructive?? Yup, you better believe it.

Bye, Rusty, I’m glad you were rehomed with someone who can handle your antics AND adores you.
So what did I do, besides moping around that is? Well, I filled up on a lot of videos that sure didn’t take the ache away, and I looked …and looked.
With hubby unemployed and me unable to work, we weren’t able to pay an arm and a leg for some incredible purebred darling but surely, surely God would have one picked out for us somewhere.  Stephen and I spent pretty much all day yesterday handing out the Good News of Salvation to anyone who was receptive to it, and most were.
But do you know what? I had something else on my mind, also and I won’t ask you to guess what.
It was dark out and we were a long ways from home, but we found one more place to offer our pamphlets. By then we were well pass that lighted up sanctuary with an open door, but turned around. It was then my husband spotted this inconspicuous sign: free puppies.
I was almost breathless with joy. We first found a very receptive audience for our bundle of leaflets then…off we went!
Yes, yes, yes! There were puppies, the most adorable, sweetest and cutest mixed breed handfuls of joy. Okay, you know the rest. One little sweetheart came home with me. Her favorite spot was around my neck so I was gladly sporting a white fur collar while we traveled!

P.S. The first picture I found on Google could have hardly looked more like our little girl.

P.S. We've had this cute, little rascal for about six months now, and my how she has grown! We've had a number of dogs over the years, but none of them have been so sweet as are little Kasa (Cuddles.)  Today was a typical example as to what she is like. We have lots of saskatoon trees on our acreage and this year the berries were particularly big and juicy so guess what I was doing, and guess who was just a-hangin' around just because she liked to be with me. 

If you just said "Aww, sweet," well I agree with you. Occasionally she would romp off to check something out and after a while I'd say. "Where's my sweet, little companion," or something similar and back she'd come. 

And oh, yes, maybe I should insert this as postscript two since it is a new paragraph, so hold on a sec.

P.S. 2.
I would sometimes hang a branch down real low and our little scallywag loves to much on berries right off the vine. This interested me because when I'm picking strawberries, she'll get her nose right in there to see what I am doing, but doesn't care to eat any. 
So long folks. I could pick more saskatoons but the mosquitoes chased me in!