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Thursday, February 19, 2015

You're Spying On Me!

I suppose a lot of you have listened  to the trailer by now and are wondering when the audio will come out. Well, if you'll stop peering over my shoulder I will let you read some of the editing I was doing this afternoon. 
This is way beyond what you have read last: Jesus is a grown man and teaching the multitudes.
About mid-morning, while we were strolling along through the sunlit countryside, I saw one youngster snatch a fold of His tefilah shawl in his hand, and shout;

“I touched him, now I am a healer, too!” How Yeshua tolerated such nonsense can only be attributed to what a kind hearted Man He is. I am sure He is
tuned to every movement around Him even while teaching.

            This was the same day that He suddenly stopped in His tracks.   Several of the pushier sorts had walked on well ahead of Him before realizing He had stayed in one place.

“Who touched Me?” His voice rang out clearly.

I saw that youngster shrink back behind someone’s skirts, but Yeshua’s
eyes were not searching him out. The talmidim were bewildered that
he would ask a question like that in such a mob,  my curiosity
was aroused.

I caught sight of a stooped little old lady about the
same time Yeshua did. She had such a dazed but radiant look on her
face, I do not think she even noticed that the throng wasn’t milling
around so much anymore. She wasn’t even aware that some folks were
staring at her while others were craning their necks to see why we had
stopped. When she saw that Yeshua wasn’t too busy to give her heed,
she flung herself down at His feet, with tears of joy she babbled her

She had been suffering from some kind of bleeding disease; an ulcer
perhaps, and sensed that the moment she had touched His garment
she was well again. Just think,to have been weakened from loss of blood for such a long time, then to feel healthy in a moment. How wonderful that must have been! She was so happy I think many of us basked in her joy, although I did hear mutterings of discontent.

“Daughter,” He said. Although I am sure she was older than I by far it
didn’t seem strange coming from Him, “Your faith made you well; go
in peace, and be healed of your disease.”

By the look on her face I knew she was thinking; all I did
was touch the fringe on His tefilah shawl! I saw rapturous adoration in her eyes