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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Guess What I Found!

Guess what I found on the internet today? No it wasn't in an archeological dig way out in the Middle East somewhere, but it was still fascinating. It was a book. It looked old fashioned in a way and the pictures were kind of blurry, but the cover sure looked antique! I thought the pages would have been more yellow with a parchment-y look, but I guess they are better at preserving things that we figured, eh? Anyway, it was a book called Mary's Diary. WOW! I mean double-wow! Who could have had a more intimate relationship with Jesus, the Son of God, than His own birth mother! Who could have cared more to get the facts right and to portray His life in a as loving a way as possible? And guess what?! It even covers those hidden years of when He was a little boy in Egypt. (He must have been such a cute, sweet little fella.) .
I'm quit bugging you so you can find out for yourself. https://www.createspace.com/4837922

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This Is For YOU To

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This is the link:


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This is where it take you


Mary's Diary by Marilyn Friesen
This fiction book is about the life of Mary and the perspective of her raising the son of God, Jesus.

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Once you pay through PayPal, it will send you the download to your email you placed on the system.  


What Am I Getting Into?

Dear Diary 
I am so frightened. Someone saw my diary scrolls and wants to get them distributed. 
They are from a strange, far away place and are asking to stick them on the Internet and do other queer things with them. 
Did I even spell that odd word right? I have NO idea what they are talking about. 
Oh I wish Jesus was here so I could ask His advice, but He floated up to Heaven in a cloud. 

But…on the other hand, it was such a wonderful, yet often terrifying experience raising Jesus from a little boy and watching Him develop into a strong caring Man. He brought joy, healing and peace to so many people and yet they killed Him in the most awful way imaginable!Maybe I should let those strangers do whatever they think is best with my scrolls. It would be so nice if others could know how wonderful He really is. I sure hope no one in our village finds out, though, that I did something so outlandish! They'd never understand what happened to me. 
Love, Mary
This book will soon be available through Amazon, CreateSpace and elsewhere soon. 
You can pick up your  ebook copy at www.hollywoodbooktrailers.com

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Appointment With the King

I serve such a wonderful king. Every morning about five thirty, I get to have an appointment with Him. The thing is I know He has millions of other subjects and billions of other concerns to attend to, but when my soft musical alarm chimes, I feel such a drawing to the throne room of Adonai.
How can it be that He makes me feel so special? How can it be that He can make me feel like I am the only one in the universe and that He loves me so much? I know every single one of you can and hopefully do feel the same way. Regardless of what time of day you send a prayer dart His way He is sure to catch it,
Make an appointment early in the morning. Don’t worry, it won’t interrupt my time. There is something about the dawning of a new day which is so…perfect for meeting with our beloved Saviour and Guide because there aren’t so many distractions, yet.
Here’s my formula, but maybe something else will be more satisfying for you.
I head to the recliner in the living room, put my feet up, and let the warmth of His presence flow over me. He feels so real, so kind and it’s a great time to thank Him for always being there. We travelled part way across Canada this summer, but He was there ever km (mile) of the way. We went to Africa last summer and lo He was still so close. How can I feel fear of anything for very long with the blessed assurance of His comforting presence?
After praising Him for a few minutes it’s time to look up a topic in our chain reference Bible or continue on a topic I had been studying other mornings. I find a verse, and invariably the surrounding verses catch my attention also. Soon I haul out the good old Matthew Henry’s commentary and more wonderful jewels are uncovered for the day.
Of course during this devotional time there is plenty of opportunity during meditation to share with the Father whatever burdens or decisions might be weighing on my mind.

I know Adonai is never in a rush, but unfortunately I have to have a different time schedule. Writing this is encroaching on my ‘sweet hour of prayer’. I want to quickly send this off so I can worship at the feet of our holy Adonai. Meet me there!

P.S. I have recently published a book that some people enjoy using as a devotional. It is the life of Jesus through His mother's eyes. It would make a nice Christmas gift. Here's a few links to choose from.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

You're Spying On Me!

I suppose a lot of you have listened  to the trailer by now and are wondering when the audio will come out. Well, if you'll stop peering over my shoulder I will let you read some of the editing I was doing this afternoon. 
This is way beyond what you have read last: Jesus is a grown man and teaching the multitudes.
About mid-morning, while we were strolling along through the sunlit countryside, I saw one youngster snatch a fold of His tefilah shawl in his hand, and shout;

“I touched him, now I am a healer, too!” How Yeshua tolerated such nonsense can only be attributed to what a kind hearted Man He is. I am sure He is
tuned to every movement around Him even while teaching.

            This was the same day that He suddenly stopped in His tracks.   Several of the pushier sorts had walked on well ahead of Him before realizing He had stayed in one place.

“Who touched Me?” His voice rang out clearly.

I saw that youngster shrink back behind someone’s skirts, but Yeshua’s
eyes were not searching him out. The talmidim were bewildered that
he would ask a question like that in such a mob,  my curiosity
was aroused.

I caught sight of a stooped little old lady about the
same time Yeshua did. She had such a dazed but radiant look on her
face, I do not think she even noticed that the throng wasn’t milling
around so much anymore. She wasn’t even aware that some folks were
staring at her while others were craning their necks to see why we had
stopped. When she saw that Yeshua wasn’t too busy to give her heed,
she flung herself down at His feet, with tears of joy she babbled her

She had been suffering from some kind of bleeding disease; an ulcer
perhaps, and sensed that the moment she had touched His garment
she was well again. Just think,to have been weakened from loss of blood for such a long time, then to feel healthy in a moment. How wonderful that must have been! She was so happy I think many of us basked in her joy, although I did hear mutterings of discontent.

“Daughter,” He said. Although I am sure she was older than I by far it
didn’t seem strange coming from Him, “Your faith made you well; go
in peace, and be healed of your disease.”

By the look on her face I knew she was thinking; all I did
was touch the fringe on His tefilah shawl! I saw rapturous adoration in her eyes

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Help! Where Have I Been?

 Help! Where have I been?? I've been feeling like my tires were

spinning in a mud hole while  the tools I needed were in my trunk all along.  So what tools you ask? 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Joseph!

Here's the continuation of Mary's Diary. Feel free to re-post or comment on it if you like. Warning! I'm quitting at Christmas, but if you're interested you can buy the book. Later.


25 Elul
September 24th

According to tradition this was the first day of Creation.
Because of our great history of storytellers that pass our heritage
from one generation to the next, it is easy to believe.

Yosef is not quite finished building our cottage up to his own
excellent standards, but he thought it would be better if we had a quiet wedding and finalized the ketubah(contract) before a rabbi, so that
I could move in with him, even if it is not a year since our betrothal.

We hope that will stop the tongues from wagging. People have been
gossiping about me dashing off to Zachariah’s home so soon after we
were betrothed, and I can tell that some have noticed that I am, well . . .
chubbier than I, uh, ought to be before the wedding.

It was such fun helping Yosef plaster mud on to the entwining
bamboo that makes up the roof. I looked more like a mud splattered
little tinoki than a ladylike bride that day!

 It was a joy to help him scatter the straw that went between the layers of mud, but he would not even consider letting me haul up any of the straw or mud!

He must think I am quite fragile! I sure don’t feel delicate anymore! I
am so thankful that we now have the privacy of our own little house,
and it is private now that the roof is on, and thoroughly dried.

It is just so pleasant to be with him all the time although because of the circumstances, he is so self-disciplined.

Our house is pretty sparse of furniture, right now, but who cares!

Yosef comes from a long line of joiners, and is an excellent carpenter.
I’m sure he will make some wonderful pieces once he finds the time!
1st  Tishrei
September 29th

There is something so special about being married on the same
date that Chava, (Eve,) was presented to Haddam(Adam)on the last day of

Our wedding week was so happy. I’m glad Yosef took the time off
from work to be with me, and visit relatives even though we didn’t have a
lovely, formal wedding. Those seven days were sweet even though Yosef feels
he must treat me with a restrained dignity because the baby I am carrying
belongs to the Holy One.

We went for long walks over the surrounding hills, and meandered through the marketplace from time to time. It was so pleasant, just the two of us hand in hand. It truly felt like our hearts are knitting together as one.

I wouldn’t have ever dreamed a man could be so gentle, so understanding, and so devoted! Marriage seems to bring out the best in us. It seems like we both want so badly to say only kind and tender things to each other.

 I feel incredibly secure in his presence, and look forward to sharing the rest of my life with him. I am most confident that he will make an ideal earthly father for our little boy and that’s why EL Elohim chose him.

Why am I wasting time writing in a mere diary? I haven’t seen him
since our noon meal, and I am lonesome already! I wonder if he can
find something I can help him with?
Love, Mary’am