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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Something Supernatural, you're Kidding, Right?

I suppose you are wondering if the euphoria of being healed wore off after a few weeks, maybe even days and I was just my old weary self again. I’m telling you, it was not like that at all. In fact, it just kept getting better and better.

That happened way back in April of this year, the 23 to be exact, and I still can’t praise God enough.

For my quiet time alone with God I enjoy studying various topics but lately I'm having a hard time getting past the praise stage. Oh sure, I’ll throw in a plea or two for some dear one but even that is with a confidence that God is on the giving hand.

Did I tell you about what happened about three weeks ago? I sure should have if I hadn’t. You know, my whole life was identified, mapped out by the plague of dizziness. I couldn’t even drive hardly, and for sure not in the city! Well, our daughter had moved away, but she wanted to sell her car back in Alberta, and that means we, as in Mom and Dad had a great excuse to go visit her, and bring back her car.

Problem is, that meant someone would have to drive one of the vehicles back.

Here’s where Yours Truly was supposed to come in. I solemnly, and repeatedly told my husband I couldn’t do it. For some reason whatever had been going on in my head the last few years caused me to get so extremely sleepy behind the wheel that I didn’t dare drive longer than twenty minutes for fear of not being able to get to the side in time to stop.

But he wanted me to do it, and yes, this was after that All Important day in April. At this time I was still having some trouble with headaches but not vertigo. 

We were already in Saskatchewan when a partial solution came to me.  If we drove at night then the sun wouldn’t be beating in my face all the time making me as drowsy.

Well we left in the late afternoon, and my poor husband was so concerned that he kept stopping to see how I was doing. But I was fine, completely fine!

Oh my, those words don’t cut it at all! We went through miles and miles of prairie, a couple of cities and I just drove on and on and on no trouble at all.

But I’ll tell you a little, no an awesome secret. I wasn’t all alone. It seemed like the whole car was filled with the Presence of God, even the vast Saskatchewan sky was displaying His handiwork in a glorious panorama of evening colors. My heart was overflowing with joy, gratitude and praise and I sang and prayed and sang some more. It was an incredible experience.

We are getting close to the end of June now and my body just keeps getting better and better. Even my personality is improving. (Smile.)

It seems like the real me had been locked up to a large extent in a cage and now it has a chance to truly blossom.

Sure, maybe I am a cheerful person by nature, but in the last few weeks I have been getting down
right bubbly. God is sooo good!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Appointment With the King

I serve such a wonderful king. Every morning about five thirty, I get to have an appointment with Him. The thing is I know He has millions of other subjects and billions of other concerns to attend to, but when my soft musical alarm chimes, I feel such a drawing to the throne room of Adonai.
How can it be that He makes me feel so special? How can it be that He can make me feel like I am the only one in the universe and that He loves me so much? I know every single one of you can and hopefully do feel the same way. Regardless of what time of day you send a prayer dart His way He is sure to catch it,
Make an appointment early in the morning. Don’t worry, it won’t interrupt my time. There is something about the dawning of a new day which is so…perfect for meeting with our beloved Saviour and Guide because there aren’t so many distractions, yet.
Here’s my formula, but maybe something else will be more satisfying for you.
I head to the recliner in the living room, put my feet up, and let the warmth of His presence flow over me. He feels so real, so kind and it’s a great time to thank Him for always being there. We travelled part way across Canada this summer, but He was there ever km (mile) of the way. We went to Africa last summer and lo He was still so close. How can I feel fear of anything for very long with the blessed assurance of His comforting presence?
After praising Him for a few minutes it’s time to look up a topic in our chain reference Bible or continue on a topic I had been studying other mornings. I find a verse, and invariably the surrounding verses catch my attention also. Soon I haul out the good old Matthew Henry’s commentary and more wonderful jewels are uncovered for the day.
Of course during this devotional time there is plenty of opportunity during meditation to share with the Father whatever burdens or decisions might be weighing on my mind.

I know Adonai is never in a rush, but unfortunately I have to have a different time schedule. Writing this is encroaching on my ‘sweet hour of prayer’. I want to quickly send this off so I can worship at the feet of our holy Adonai. Meet me there!

P.S. I have recently published a book that some people enjoy using as a devotional. It is the life of Jesus through His mother's eyes. It would make a nice Christmas gift. Here's a few links to choose from.